Zapier Integration

We have created a tool that allows you to sync your Circuitree Queries into Zapier as webhooks polling triggers.

Not familiar with Zapier? Watch their video here.

This will allow you to use the Zapier polling webhooks to monitor changes in any Circuitree query and perform an action when the query is updated.

For example, using a query that pulls all Registrations for the current year, you could use the Zapier “Add subscribers to Mailchimp” to add contacts to Mailchimp when a new camper enrolls.

Using this process allows you to connect changes in a Circuitree Query to perform any of the thousand of actions in Zapier.

This add-on requires you to have a Zapier Starter Plan.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.



Additional Add-ons

We have two production ready add-ons and offer custom development work.

Lodging Status Chart

A mobile-friendly chart to view all your lodging resources and set a lodging resources cleanliness status.

Event Availability

The simplest and easiest way to display event availability on your web page. 

Power BI Sync

Connect Circuitree Data to Microsoft Power BI.

Excel Power Query

Connect Circuitree Data into an Excel Power Query