Add-ons for Circuitree is a application developed by Jonathon Bradford for Bradfords Consulting Services, LLC.

Jonathon is the I.T. Director at T Bar M Camps, and developed Add-ons for Circuitree to build Circuitree tools for T Bar M, and other organizations that use the Circuitree event management software. Jonathon was hired by T Bar M to head the initial implementation of Circuitree with T Bar M in 2007, and has been a user of Circuitree ever since. As a big fan and supporter of the Circuitree software, Add-ons for Circuitree desires to help camps and business use Circuitree software to it’s fullest potential.

If your organization uses the Circuitree software, and you’re interested in learning more, you can contact Jonathon directly at [email protected].