Excel Power Query

Use our JSON Queries add-on to pull Circuitree Queries into Microsoft Excel using Power Query.

This allows you to have your excel spreadsheets automatically stay updated from any Circuitree query and you may edit the data in Excel (adjust rows, calculate columns, etc.) and those changes are saved in the Excel Spreadsheet.

If you find yourself running Circuitree Queries regularly, and having to manipulate and save all those frequent repetitive steps, our add-on will save you time.

With this setup, you simply open up yours spreadsheet and see the latest data from Circutiree. Connect those spreadsheets to your Excel graphs, share them with others within Office365, and begin seeing updated graphs and tables with data directly from Circutiree.

Not familiar with Excel Power Query? Learn more at microsoft.com here.

This add-on requires you to have a Microsoft Excel.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.



Additional Add-ons

We have two production ready add-ons and offer custom development work.

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A mobile-friendly chart to view all your lodging resources and set a lodging resources cleanliness status.

Event Availability

The simplest and easiest way to display event availability on your web page.