Lodging Add-On

The Lodging Add-on is a Circuitree add-on that provides you with a integrated solution to track your lodging resources cleanliness status. This sought after add-on allows you to track real-time if your rooms are clean, dirty, occupied, or vacant, as well as set additional custom statuses. You can tag rooms however you like, and even view future days to get beautiful visual snapshot of what the future looks like.

Get away from less reliable methods of tracking room status, such as online spreadsheets, radios, or pen and paper. This mobile-friendly, Circuitree connected add-on will save your team time and mistakes by automating and displaying the data they need on-the-go.

This mobile friendly web app will allow your housekeeping or accommodations team to mark rooms as clean on-the-go. The Lodging Add-on syncs with Circuitree to track check-ins and check-outs, so that room statuses will adjust accordingly from occupied to vacant.

Contact [email protected] for a demo and pricing. Set-up is quick and simple.


Mobile Friendly Design

The add-on is mobile and iPad friendly, allowing your staff to update a room status on-the-go as they visit and clean or check on your rooms. Because the add-on connects with the Circuitree check-out process, your team knows exactly when a guest has checked-out and can begin cleaning rooms quickly, especially on turn-over days when time is critical.

Simple Secure Access

Access to add-ons are behind a login screen that validates against your Circuitree API. This means access is available only to your staff that have a Circuitree account, and they don’t need to remember another password. 

What’s On the Screen

The Housekeeping Add-on pulls information from Circuitree using the Circuitree API. From a single screen you can view your lodging room status, and relevant information. Each lodging resource has a Room Status which your housekeeping and accommodations team members can update to track if a room is clean or not. The Guest Status icons identify if a guest is arriving, departing or a stay-over for the current day, based on the reservations itinerary. The Check-In status identifies when and guest has Checked-In (CI) or Checked-Out (CO) from the Circuitree Check-In process. Lastly, the background colors will display green for Vacant and Clean rooms only, to quickly tell you if a room is ready for a guest to check-in. A yellow background identifies a dirty or occupied room, and a red background is for any room that is assigned a custom status.

Each lodging row can be clicked to expand and view additional information for that itinerary. Once expanded, you can view the last user to make a change to the Room Status, the itinerary begin and end dates, as well as a link that takes you directly to the itinerary in Circuitree.


Room Tagging

Our room tagging feature allows your staff to add custom tags to any room.  You may then filter your view based on the tags assigned.

Use Tags to:

  • Add staff as tags to assign who should clean the given rooms.
  • Add amenities as tags to communicate what special amenities should be added to a room for a guest stay.
  • Anything else… Tags are created by you, so you can name them however you like.

Date Adjustment

Use our date selection option to change the given date of itineraries you are viewing on the lodging chart.

This feature is a faster and easier way for your team to see which rooms will have arrivals or departures on any given day.  This makes planning ahead and scheduling much easier for your team as they prepare for future groups.

View Filtering

The filter view options allow you to show/hide rooms that you are interested in seeing.  Using the filter views settings, your team can view only rooms with Arrivals or Departures, or perhaps just Vacant Dirty rooms to narrow down what rooms need to be clean. 

Combine the filter with tags, and your staff can show rooms that have just been assigned to them.  When viewing rooms on a mobile device, the ability to filter the rooms to only what your interested in will save you time. 

Contact Us for a Demo

We’d love to spend 30 minutes showing you all the Lodging Add-on can do for your organization.  Anyone that uses the Circuitree software to reserve lodging resources will find this add-on invaluable.  Move away from paper and pencil and make your internal process easier and faster for a low monthly fee.

For more information or to get started, email [email protected]

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For more information or to get started, email [email protected]