Add-ons for Circuitree

Add-ons for Circuitree is software that provides website tools to display Circuitree information on any website through the Circuitree API. Sometimes called a “plugin”, our custom software enables companies that use the Circuitree event management software to easily use the Circuitree API to display information to customers and staff that normally require logging into the system.

Available Add-ons

We have several production ready add-ons and offer custom development work.

Event Division Availability

The simplest and easiest way to display event availability on your web page. 

Lodging Status Chart

A mobile-friendly chart to view all your lodging resources and set a lodging resources cleanliness status.

Custom Development

We can development custom graphs, charts, and web reports to bring all your data in Circuitree into a helpful dashboard.

Power BI Sync

Connect Circuitree Data to Microsoft Power BI.

Zapier Integration

Import data into Zapier and connect Circuitree data to over 4,000 Apps.

Excel Power Query

Connect Circuitree Data into an Excel Power Query

Easy Event Availability

We provide a simple piece of code you can copy and paste on your website to display the availability of a specific event. This customizable shortcode can be added anywhere on your page to enhance your existing event pages with the helpful availability information that your customers are looking for. Guests no longer need to create an account and begin the registration process to view event availability, and you will no longer need to manually update an event status on your websites.

Lodging Resource Status

Displays your lodging resources and provides the ability for you to set a lodging status for each resource. The room status allows your staff to quickly set a lodging resource status, and facilitates communication between your guest check-in staff and your cleaning staff regarding the availability of lodging resources.

Understanding your data shouldn’t be hard.

Decision makers should spend less time consolidating and organizing data, and more time making and communicating decisions. Access to customized mobile-friendly reports and graphs is possible with the Circuitree API.

For more information or to get started, email [email protected]